Present in the Tourism Area, Samiti Cafe and Resto is Optimistic to Develop


BALITOURISMTIMES.comSamiti Cafe and Resto held an opening event on Tuesday. The event was attended by friends and colleagues, and the performance of Balinese dance was enlivened.

“Thankfully, many friends and invitations came, giving me support,” said Titi Samiti, owner of Samiti Cafe and Resto.

Interestingly, cafes and restaurants located in tourism areas, Jalan Pantai Pererenan No. 92A Badung actually opened in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic conditions.

“I have the courage to open this business in the midst of a pandemic like this. I thought the challenges and risks were heavier, but I went through all of that, ” she said optimistically.

He admitted that he was sorry to see many people losing their jobs during this pandemic. That is what prompted him to help by hiring them.

“I am not someone who has (rich) but I am moved to help those who do not work or have been laid off. This is also not for my sake alone, but my goal is to do good,” she said.

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Samiti Cafe and Resto specializes in western food, such as spaghetti, steak and pasta. Of course, there are also other menus that consumers can choose from, including local or domestic consumers.

“The target is indeed international, but there is also local food so that all can come. Slowly I will make the menu again. Today many people like vegetables and healthy menus. So I have a lot to learn from guests,” said Titi Samiti.

The western menu that is served is the result of his own creation. It stands to reason because he has lived in Europe and Germany for decades.

“I taught all the menus myself, so I know western food. From there, my hobby is cooking, being creative and then I present it,” she explained.

He hopes that in the future, if his business progresses, he will open similar businesses in other places. The goal is to open as many job opportunities as possible.

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“I am always optimistic that it will improve. Everything above (God) determines, as a human being, I only try and always think positively,” she concluded.(ads/btt)