Beautiful Sunset Panorama on Double Six Beach Seminyak

aar/btt, BADUNG – The enchantment of the beauty of beach tourism on the island of Bali, provides a pleasant holiday experience for you and your family, who have visited Bali. Choosing Bali as your holiday destination, of course, taking into account the world-class tours it has. Bali, which has a lot of natural beauty, is the main attraction for visiting tourists. In addition, the completeness of tourism support facilities is also a consideration for guests who wish to visit Bali.

In Badung Regency, there are so many marine tourism destinations that have developed, such as Double Six Beach in Seminyak, which is also a favorite destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Besides having natural panoramas and beautiful views of the sunset, Double Six Beach is also one of the favorite relaxing places for visiting tourists.

Doble Six Beach is located about 2 kilometers from Kuta Beach, precisely in the Seminyak area, Badung Regency. To reach the location, you need about 20 minutes by road from Kuta to the south to this beach location. The beach, which has the characteristics of white sand, is very clean. Double Six Beach, is perfect for you to relax, enjoy the sunset accompanied by a glass of fresh drink, besides that, this place also has lots of bars that provide bean bags for you to relax while enjoying its natural beauty. Lots of tourists flock to this beach just to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. No less exciting, you can also do many activities in this place, such as playing beach volleyball, surfing, and sunbathing, which are some of the activities you can do while at Double Six Beach.

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Even so, there are many choices of beautiful beach destinations for you to visit. However, Double Six Beach also has its own magnet for visiting tourists. Apart from its location which is close to Kuta, Double Six Beach is often visited by tourists who are looking for entertainment, to just hang out while enjoying the drinks and food provided by the Sand Bar there. On this beach, it is equipped with very modern tourism support facilities, so you don’t need to worry about visiting this beach. With the beautiful panorama of the twilight on Double Six Beach which is very romantic, I highly recommend Double Six Beach as one of the Bali tourist destinations that you must visit. (aar / btt)