Deputy Governor Cok Ace Supports Building Preparations for the Opening of International Tourism in Bali from the Beginning

Cok Ace
r/btt – Since the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bali, which is very dependent on the tourism sector, has been very economically affected. This epidemic, known as gering agung, has hit the Balinese economy significantly. This is evident from the economic contraction which fell by 12.28%, a comparative figure in the third quarter which is the same today as the previous year. Therefore, Bali tourism must be able to bounce back with preparations that adjust to the current conditions. That was the affirmation conveyed by Deputy Governor Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati when attending the Workshop on Starting International Tourism in Bali virtually in his office, on Monday.

Furthermore, the Deputy Governor who is familiarly called Cok Ace explained that in fact the Balinese economy has experienced an increase of 1.66%, when viewed from economic growth in the third quarter to the second quarter of 2020. This growth was contributed by tourism activities with the opening of domestic tourists. In terms of business activities, the slight improvement in economic growth in Bali has been contributed by improving tourism activity.

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“Supporting businesses such as accommodation, beverages and food, transportation, as well as increased household expenses for their needs. This increase certainly occurred due to the opening of tourism activities for domestic tourists (starting on July 31, 2020), and tourism for local communities (who live in Bali, which started on July 9, 2020), “said Deputy Governor Cok Ace while stating one of the conditions for opening it. tourism is the application of health protocols in each tourist destination.

“There are several strategic steps taken by the Bali Provincial Government in a health protocol based on Cleanliness, Healthy, Safety and Environment (CHSE), as follows: Implementing health protocols (CHSE) in 14 sectors of community activity. The implementation of the Health Program (CHSE) in the tourism business (hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, Travel Agent services, water tourism and MICE business). Discipline for application, “he added.

In addition to the covid-19 prevention strategy based on local wisdom that involves traditional villages through the formation of the Mutual Cooperation Task Force and the preparation of health facilities, Deputy Governor Cok Ace also explained that Bali also has a new strategy to prevent and stop Covid-19 transmission which is called the 3T strategy (Tracing, Testing). , and Treatment). Application of 3T (Tracing, Testing, and Treatment) up to 700 specimens per day. Starting October 13, 2020. Starting from all civil servants and non-civil servants of the Bali Provincial Government then tourism personnel based on priority scales (such as those who often meet with crowds).

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The Bali provincial level as well as districts and cities have also collaborated with the tourism industry to verify tourism businesses so that they will perform services based on WHO health protocols and the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

“Every verified tourism business actor will be given a certificate as proof that his business has followed health protocols. The tourist attractions offered by Bali are tourism businesses / activities with a verified implementation CHSE certificate (the trend of tourists focusing more on health and safety), ”he explained and conveyed that Bali had prepared programs based on Branding, Advertising, and Selling.

“Branding: to keep reminding the public that Bali still exists (both for foreign and domestic tourists). So people will still choose Bali as their destination when circumstances allow. Advertising: Through online / social media, smart videos. Content such as the implementation of the CHSE protocol in the tourism sector. From their arrival at the airport, transfer to hotels / inns, while in Bali (visiting tourist attractions or other activities until returning to their country). Selling: Soft campaign (Influencer, KOL / Key Opinion Leader). Opinions / experiences from other stories when visiting Bali, “he concluded.

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The workshop also featured the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Mahendra Siregar, and the Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Ni Wayan Giri Adnyani.