Lobster Cultivation Cooperation of PT. LBP Makes Fishermen Smile


BALITOURISMTIMES.com, BULELENG – For almost six months focusing on lobster cultivation, PT. Lautan Berkah Perkasa (LPB) succeeded in making fishermen smile. The success of this company in enlarging lobsters gives a sigh of relief to the fishermen groups on the coast of Sumberkima Buleleng Bali.

The collaboration built on lobster enlargement is felt by fishermen to support their economy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from the fishermen getting the results after harvest, the provision of feed for lobster seeds is also paid for. Fishers collect shells from the surrounding sea waters and sea urchins, which the company buys can meet their daily needs.

“The existence of these cages revives our economy. With this in the midst of a pandemic (COVID-19) we can work. For the future this is very promising,” explained Haji Amal as Chairman of the Fishermen Group at Sumberkima Buleleng Bali on Thursday.

From this first experience to the successful harvest, he and his colleagues admitted that he had learned a lot. So, even though it has been successful, Haji Amal said that in the future there should be improvement efforts.

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“From this first experience we learned a lot. In the future, of course it can be maximized even more because we now know how to do lobster cultivation.”

“Later it needs some improvements so that the next period can get maximum results, but what is clear is that lobster cultivation is very promising,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Buleleng Regency Food and Fisheries Resilience Service, Gede Melandrat, SP, said that the presence of this cultivation business, he said, had moved the micro economy of the surrounding community by generating economic potentials that were previously invisible. For example, shellfish and sea urchins as lobster feed.

“Previously, the economic value of the shells for the community was not seen. But now people are looking for clams to be sold to farmers as lobster feed. Likewise, sea urchins, which previously were only coral pests, can now be used as lobster feed,” he said.

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Harianto, as the representative of PT LBP, said that this first harvest was proof of his commitment to support domestic lobster cultivation.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened Bali. We cannot fully depend on tourism. Bali needs to develop economic sources other than tourism. We see this potential in Sumberkima is very large,” he explained.(ads/btt)