Religious Tour to the Holy Pancoran Solas Baths

Pancoran Solas
Pancoran Solas. (aar/btt), BADUNG – Bali not only keeps the uniqueness of its natural attractions, in addition, Bali also has religious tourism destinations that are no less beautiful than other tourist destinations on the island of Bali. One of the religious tourism destinations that are quite famous among tourists is Pengelukatan or holy bathing places. Bali has a lot of tourist destinations on this one, because it is believed that Melukat is a ritual to neutralize evil forces. Therefore, religious tourism in Bali is also very popular, especially by foreign tourists, who come to try this ritual while enjoying the natural beauty around it.

In Bali, you will find lots of religious tourism destinations, especially Pengelukatan. Like the one in Badung Regency, which is called Pancoran Solas. This is one of the religious tourism destinations which is very crowded with tourists. The location of Pancoran Solas is located in Sangeh Village, Abiansemal District, Badung Regency. This tourist destination is not far from the Sangeh tourist destination, about 200 meters to the right of the road you can find its location.

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If you are in Denpasar, it will take you 20 minutes by road to get to the location. As the name implies, Pancoran Solas has 11 pancoran, each of which has a symbol of God’s power. If you really believe, and feel you have bad qualities or bad habits that are very difficult to change. It is believed, by taking a bath at Pancoran Solas it can cleanse your spirit as a whole. Pancoran Solas also has a very beautiful view, outside the area there is also a park called Taman Mumbul, with shades of green trees combined with the clear water of the lake in that place.

The existence of Pancoran Solas Pengelukatan has been around for a long time. And it is believed by the surrounding community as a neutralizer of black magic, and a melting place for negative influences in humans. Even sometimes, people who suffer from certain diseases, can miraculously recover when bathing in this place. At first glance the shape of Pancoran Solas is very similar to the baths at Tirta Empul Tampak Siring Temple, its beauty can be equalized, so that Pancoran Solas can become a new religious tourism destination for you. For those of you who are curious about this religious tourism, and are interested in trying out the bathing ritual at Pancoran Solas. I highly recommend Pancoras Solas as a religious tourism destination suitable for your new experience traveling on the island of Bali. (aar / bpn)