Plastic Exchange, Bali Without Plastic Waste

Plastic Exchange
IGN Agung Juliartawan, Gil Petersil, AA Ngurah Bagus Erawan, I Made Janur Yasa, I Made Subagia., TABANAN – Plastic waste is still a scourge for the environment and the tourism sector in Bali. Plastic exchange initiator, Made Janur Yasa, said that through plastic exchanges, the community that cares about the environment seeks to educate people about handling plastic waste through educational movements in joint action (education). As he did with foreign citizens who care about the preservation of nature and the environment of Bali and the figure of the castle AA Ngurah Bagus Erawan from Anyar Kerambitan Castle, Sunday (28/2/2021) at Anyar Kerambitan castle, district Kerambitan, Tabanan regency.

The man who was born in Tabanan invited the whole community to get into the habit of sorting waste. Waste sorting should start from the kitchen of each household. Mixed trash has no value. “For this reason, the waste must be sorted,” explained Janur Yasa accompanied by the Head of the Environment Office of Tabanan Regency, I Made Subagia.

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He hopes that housewives while cooking in the kitchen will start to learn to sort waste. Plastic trash bins must be separated from organic waste bins, so that when exchanged, the waste must be sorted and separated. Plastic waste can be exchanged during the plastic exchange.

lastic exchange or the exchange of plastic waste with rice in Bali, especially in Tabanan Regency, has been going on for several months. The actions taken because of the Covid-19 pandemic have proven to be able to change people’s habits.

“In Bali during the action, the plastic waste collected reached 800 tons,” he said.

Founder of plastic exchange Bali, Gil Petersil, said he was very happy and enthusiastic about helping to participate in cleaning Bali’s nature from plastic waste.

“We are very inspired that in the future Bali can be an example for the world on how to deal with this plastic waste,” he said.

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One of the residents who will exchange plastic waste for rice.

Anyar Kerambitan castle figure, Anak Agung Ngurah Bagus Erawan, really appreciates this plastic exchange activity, especially foreign nationals who really care for and love the island of Bali, so we as castle figures are very grateful to them.

“During this pandemic, we plan to hold activities here every month, in addition to making nature clean, the community can also be helped with the help of basic necessities from exchanging plastic waste,” he explained.(ads/btt)