The Covid-19 Pandemic, Governor Koster Invites Tourism Players to Stay Optimistic, DENPASAR – Bali Governor Wayan Koster invites Balinese tourism actors to remain optimistic, enthusiastic and not dissolved in prolonged sadness in response to the Covid-19 pandemic which has a very significant impact on the world of tourism.

This hope was conveyed by Governor Koster in his speech when giving a speech at the Inauguration of the Management of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association  for the Regional Leadership Body  of Bali Province for the 2020-2025 Period which was held at the Wiswa Sabha Building, Bali Governor’s Office, Denpasar on Thursday (11/2).

Furthermore, Governor Koster conveyed that the Bali Provincial Government is highly committed to building culture-based tourism based on local wisdom. The existence of tourism cannot be denied in a concrete and tangible manner that has had a positive impact on improving the welfare of the community.

For this reason, the tourism sector continues to be seriously developed according to the natural and cultural potential of each region. A well-developed and well-managed tourism has multiple impacts. Not only for the welfare of tourism actors but also a source of regional income through hotel and restaurant taxes. “However, it must also be realized that tourism is very sensitive, very vulnerable to disturbances such as natural disasters and viruses like this time. In this situation, I hope that tourism actors do not lose their enthusiasm, they must remain optimistic. Don’t get carried away by sadness and downturns. We use this momentum to consolidate, to build a stronger tourism, “he said.

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Governor Koster also said that the government does not remain silent and continues to seek ways to help tourism actors. For example, with the distribution of tourism grants, distribution of assistance to workers, applying for soft loans to the preparation of tourism recovery schemes. “We will reorganize our tourism. Once the pandemic is over, we are ready with a new order, a new system and a new spirit for better tourism,” he said.

“We have to be patient in the midst of this pandemic. We are preparing better tourism governance, which is culture-based, of quality and has an economic impact from upstream to downstream. We are going back five steps, but after the pandemic our tourism will have to go ten steps forward, ” he added. (btt)