Kembali Open House 2021: “Limitless”, an Active Participation from Kembali Innovation Hub for the Development of Digital Economy in Bali

Kembali Open House 2021., BADUNG – As a coworking space, Kembali Innovation Hub also experienced the first economic contraction in Indonesia for the last five years. This event has hit Bali where 100.000 people lost their jobs that forced 4500 small medium enterprises to collapse and 88% reduction in tourism sector compared to the previous year.

In this day of age, Bali is in dire need of an ecosystem, a place to collaborate and learn, to elevate its competence that leads to new opportunities for the long term economic resilience.

“As we learned from Google’s Digital Playbook released in January 2021, Indonesia set a steady Internet Economic growth for 11% with the e-commerce platform and online media as two of the main force behind this development and we perceive this as a momentum,” said Diko the Program Officer of Kembali Innovation Hub.

Kembali Open House 2021 covering lots of activities such as open coworking day, free classes, job fair, and an online mobile game competition. With “Limitless” as its main theme, this annual event demonstrate an active participation from the coworking provider to push Bali into a more sustainable and healthy digital economy landscape.

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“This is one of many flagship events that we held annually, “Limitless” is a notion of what we experienced that Bali needs to realize that there’s an opportunity outside the traditional economic segment that has been cemented through out of these years, it would be better if Internet Economy could become an integral part hand in hand with the revitalization of tourism sector,” remarked by Bagus as the Space Lead if Kembali Innovation House.

The event that takes place at Sunset Road Street number 28 was held from 4–7 March 2021 started from 2 PM to 7 PM under the supervision of a strict health protocol to supress the spread of Covid-19 virus.

“A strong digital ecosystem is a must in this challenging situation, we positioned Kembali Open House 2021 as a place to share knowledge with collaboration within our developing communities to create more entrepreneur therefore added more strength and resilience to Bali’s regional economic state in the near future,” told Bagus at the end of the press event of Kembali Open House 2021.(btt)